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Clayton Garder ’17
catarineau_gardner1Clayton Gardner ’17 is a senior agricultural leadership and development major from Fort Worth, Texas. Gardner grew up with a primary interest in athletics, but that changed while he was a sophomore in college. At that time, Gardner realized he had a natural talent for songwriting. Gardner
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Good Food Gone Bad
Leftover pizza or last week’s tailgate food is all part of the broke college student lifestyle. As long as we get full everything is okay, right? Not really. There are some important factors about daily kitchen life that are often overlooked. ashleyseidenberger004My roommate left a carton of eggs
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A setting sun paints the Texas hill country with strokes of vibrant orange and red. To most, this view shows the scenic beauty of the Edwards Plateau, but for Brick this sunset has an entirely different meaning. [caption id="attachment_139" align="alignleft" width="300"]lukelamb002 Brick receives a new collar from researchers,
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Deborah Hall ’14
small_deborahTwo months after Deborah Hall ’14 graduated, her goals and aspirations of becoming a novelist were under attack. Naysayers in her life were urging Hall to settle down and get a “real” job, but she wanted to follow her dreams unapologetically. “It was mostly just work and
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These Boots Were Made For Drinkin’
Sunrays glow over College Station as the Boots Beverages team loads down their event trailer. Ice-cold sodas sink into coolers and the team ­­— Kim Rank ’09 and Jacob Kristen ’05 — heads over to Kyle Field to show off their newest, savory flavors at Fightin’ Texas Aggie game day. [caption id="attachment_121" align="alignleft" width="200"]Read More