/Deborah Hall ’14

Deborah Hall ’14

small_deborahTwo months after Deborah Hall ’14 graduated, her goals and aspirations of becoming a novelist were under attack. Naysayers in her life were urging Hall to settle down and get a “real” job, but she wanted to follow her dreams unapologetically.

“It was mostly just work and writing, but it was as if a fire lit inside me,” Hall said. “I had to tell this story because I had so many questions in my own life for which I was unable to get the answers.”

Hall used experiences from her time at Texas A&M as inspiration for her novel, Zella: Curses and Conquerors. Though she did not take any creative writing courses, Hall’s professors in agricultural communications and journalism inspired her to have a passion for storytelling.

“I just want to know the story, whether it’s a journalist finding a news story or a director doing a movie, it’s all about the art of storytelling,” Hall said. “I really connected with that in agricultural communications.”

Success is defined in a variety of ways and Hall said this meant pursuing the goals she set for her life. Even through a time of negativity, something positive may be gained. Hall is thankful that her novel is inspiring others who are going through similar situations.

“They are feeling the same way I felt when it was done,” Hall said. “I don’t have to believe the naysayers, I don’t have to settle for what the world can give me.”

Hall is now a full-time author, spending her time doing what she truly loves. To learn more about her novel or upcoming books visit deborahhallauthor.com.

By Emily Forman